All in the Family Spanish Vocab

  • padre: father
  • madre: mother
  • hermano: brother
  • hermana: sister
  • suegro: father-in-law
  • suegra: mother-in-law
  • cuñado: brother-in-law
  • cuñada: sister-in-law
  • esposo, marido;: husband
  • esposa, marida: wife
  • abuelo: grandfather
  • abuela: grandmother
  • bisabuelo: great-grandfather
  • bisabuela: great-grandmother
  • tatarabuelo: great-great-grandfather
  • tatarabuela: great-great-grandmother
  • hijo: son
  • hija: daughter
  • nieto: grandson
  • nieta: granddaughter
  • bisnieto: great-grandson
  • bisnieta: great-granddaughter
  • tataranieto: great-great-grandson
  • tataranieta: great-great-granddaughter
  • tío: uncle
  • tía: aunt
  • tío abuelo: great-uncle
  • tía abuela: great-aunt
  • primo: cousin (male)
  • prima: cousin (female)
  • primo carnal, prima carnal: first cousin
  • primo segundo, prima segunda: second cousin
  • sobrino: nephew
  • sobrina: niece
  • padrastro: stepfather
  • madrastra: stepmother
  • hijastro: stepson
  • hijastra: stepdaughter
  • hermanastro: stepbrother
  • hermanastra: stepsister
  • medio hermano, hermano de padre, hermano de madre: half brother
  • media hermana, hermana de padre, hermana de madre: half sister
  • concuñado: husband of one’s spouse’s sister
  • concuñada: wife of one’s spouse’s brother
  • prometido, novio: fiance, boyfriend, groom
  • prometida, novia: fiancee, girlfriend, bride
  • amigo: friend (male)
  • amiga: friend (female)
  • conocido: acquaintance (male)
  • conocida: acquaintance (female)

In all cases, the names for male relatives are masculine, and the names for female relatives are feminine. Mixed groups use the masculine form.

Also, the term la familia política may be used as the equivalent of “the in-laws.”

Here are some simple sample sentences you can use as models for your own:

  • Mi padre es carpintero. My father is a carpenter.
  • Mi tía es dentista. My aunt is a dentist.
  • Mi madre es ama de casa. My mother is a housewife.
  • Tengo dos hermanos y una hermana. I have two brothers and a sister.
  • Tengo nueve tíos. I have nine aunts and uncles.
  • Mi madrastra vive en el estado de Nueva York. My stepmother lives in New York state.
  • Mis sobrinas viven en Chicago. My nieces live in Chicago.
  • Mi padre está muerto. My father is dead.
  • Mi prima está muerta. My cousin (female) is dead.
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